Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New craft space

Those of you from the Trimcraft forum will know that I have had my craft shed built and up and running for the past several months but I thought it was high time I uploaded some photos and info for you bloggers to have a peep at. I absolutely love the wallpaper, never tire of it, infact it just makes me smile!

Isn't she a cutie :) it's now weather treated so nicely stained
This rail with 2 baskets hung on it are from Ikea. Mental note to buy more
The 's' hooks underneath have proven very handy to hang embellishment packets etc
Again this is an Ikea rail with ribbons simply tied to it for handy finding, this saves so much time
This is one of the best things in my shed. Hinged corner shelving with washing machine and tumble drier stacked on top of each other in the corner with wash basket and powder etc on top of them. It keeps everything tidy, practical and makes ultimate use of the space
The layout has changed slightly as I have sold stash so I will update photos for you guys soon :)
These interlocking shelves are a God send. My husband made them. They are amazing!
Forgive the red chair. I took my son's old bar stool to 'do me' until I get one that matches :)
These ribbons are now on my ribbon rail and all my DST is on that curtain rail under the window
These rails and pink pots were bought from Ikea
They are fantastic for the tools you want at easy reach
The small slanted spice jars are also from Ikea
although I now have them on a wall of their own...

 These slanted spice jars and small picture shelving were purchased out of Ikea
They are fantastic for small embellishments like buttons, gems, brads etc
This corner bit works surprisingly well although I've everything moved about now
This shows it what it is like now
One of the few things left to do.. need a shelf or two under the desk for printers etc
This bag is no longer there, it's for Project Romania shoeboxes :)

Please let me know what you think :)


Winifred Kennedy said...

Love your idea but will your cardstock not get damp being outside.

Blogger said...

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